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CadiTrack workflow

CadiTrack - tracking every step of the way


Track & Trace - how it works

CadiTrack builds an audit trail, or data chain, for each product that enters your facility.

At every step of processing, Caditrack enriches and adds to the data chain 

until the product finally leaves in a Lot. 

The 4 links in this data chain are:

Receiving  Blending  Pack & Sealing  Scan&Dispatching

Learn more about how CadiTrack supports each of these processes below.


HIW - Receiving -1_edited.jpg

Check new product into the facility, so you know what came from where;

your first link in the traceability chain.

1)  RECEIVING ........learn more

When a delivery arrives, Caditrack goes to work.
As you scan in received inventory, CadiTrack allocates unique Lot Codes and prints warehouse Lot Labels that clearly identify every new item.

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