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Create a batch of new product, with a new Lot Code

CadiTrack Blending Process (BL)

CadiTrack creates a Blending Work Order, with a new Lot Code,  each time you mix, blend, bake, cook, or process inventory to create a new product.

Use a barcode scanner to quickly scan each ingredient's CadiTrack Lot Code, and the ID codes of staff and equipment that have contact with the blended product.

Now, each Blending Lot Code can recall the origin of every ingredient, the staff, and the equipment that came into contact with the product.

Blending Lot labels can print on large Lot Plates from a Zebra printer, identifying:

  • The generated Blending Lot Code (text and barcode)

  • Blending & Best before dates

  • Internal inventory code and item name (bilingual capability)

  • Unique Blending Work Order name and number

BL labels_edited.jpg
equipment scale_edited.jpg

BLENDING - the creative process starts

CadiTrack can also use Dymo printers to print Lot Labels on 1”x 1⁄2” ticket stickers - ideal for applying on smaller items. These labels show the “best before” date, blending date, and the blend’s Lot Code (text plus QR code).
CadiTrack’s Recipe Assistant generates recipe sheets for custom quantities specified in each blending Work Order. This ensures that staff always have precise ingredient measurements to build any quantity of a blended item.
CadiTrack allows you to use ingredients from your inventory of Received items, other Blended items, and even Packaged items. Staff simply need to scan the Lot Codes as they introduce ingredients to the blend process. 
CadiTrack Track & Trace functionality allows you to instantly trace the origin of each ingredient Lot, and tracks the Blended Lot Code of the new item until it ships from the facility.

Take control of processing: track Lots, review Work Order, track equipment and staff contact

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