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A delivered item becomes a tracked Lot

CadiTrack Receiving Process (RX)

CadiTrack creates a Receiving Work Order. 
You scan in the Purchase Order number and the items you actually receive.
CadiTrack creates unique Lot Codes that identify every container, bag, or box that you receive.
You can assign Lot Codes to all materials that will come into contact with finished products (e.g. ingredients, containers or consumer packaging).
Print Lot Code labels directly from CadiTrack. Text and codes (barcodes or QR codes) on the label can be easily read or scanned with a barcode reader, at any time, from any Lot in your facility.
Instantly track and trace every item you add to your inventory.

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RECEIVING - first link in the chain

CadiTrack’s Receiving module generates Lot Codes and prints RX inventory labels for received items immediately on their arrival. RX Labels print on large Lot Plates from a Zebra printer, clearly identifying information for each item:

  • The CadiTrack Receiving Lot Code (text and barcode or QR)

  • Receiving date

  • Best before date

  • Internal inventory code and item name (bilingual capability)

  • Purchase order number, and work order number

  • Received vendor name (optional)

The CadiTrack Work Order captures the  name of supervising employee, and optionally:

  • Vendor Sales Invoice number

  • Vendor Lot codes

  • Vendor COA references

  • You COA reference

From now on, just scan the RX Label to register the Lot with any process.

With CadiTrack you can even add your supplier's Certificates of Authentication and Lot Codes as part of your product audit trail.

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