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CadiTrack Scan & Dispatch (SD)

A shipped Lot can be traced to a Customer Sale

CadiTrack Scan & Dispatch (SD)

Scan it as you ship it

CadiTrack creates a Work Order for each shipment, capturing your Sales Invoice number, shipping employee ID, and the Lot Codes of all items scanned and included in the shipment.

CadiTrack records Lots included in each shipment, allowing staff to instantly trace all the ingredients used in the shipped lots on each Sales Order, as well as all the staff and equipment that came into contact with the manufacturing of each of the shipped lots.

Delivery Boxes in a Truck

SCAN & DISPATCH - The last link in the chain

Know exactly what you shipped - not just what you sold!

Optionally, CadiTrack’s Packing Slip Assistant generates a complete packing slip on letter size paper, independently of the Sales Invoice.

The packing slip lists the complete set of product Lot Codes for items scanned by the employee. Staff can add comments to the CadiTrack packing slip which also captures the numbered box(es) carrying each Lot, the format of the items (e.g. Case of 6, Quart Bottles, etc.), and the quantity of each format.

Customers can use the Packing Slips to review details of the Lots that were shipped and the “best before” dates for each Lot.

Many retailers and distributors require this capability.

Now a customer can simply quote a product's short Lot Code for you to know every supplier, ingredient, processing date, equipment contact and staff contact involved in its production.

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