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Pack & Seal

Create batches of finished product, ready to ship with product Lot Codes

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CadiTrack Pack&Seal Process (PS)

CadiTrack creates a new Pack&Seal Lot each time you prepare a batch of finished products for delivery to customers.
Staff use a barcode scanner to quickly capture all the component Lot Codes, including product and packaging, and also  employee ID codes and equipment ID codes used in the packing process.
Each Pack&Seal Lot Code can now recall the origin of every ingredient, wrapping item and the staff and equipment that came into contact with the product. 
Pack&Seal Lot Labels identify the product Lot Code to the customer. Print directly from CadiTrack: simple Lot Code tags, or full product labels, complete with company logo, contact details, UPC-A codes, etc. Every product has a configurable label, depending on the aesthetic, the information, and the label size required for it.

Pack&Seal - A finished product,

 a final Lot Code

Large Pack & Seal Lot labels can print on a Zebra printer. If you don’t already have preprinted product labels, CadiTrack can help you design and print beautifully integrated Lot Code and product retail labels, identifying:

CadiTrack product Lot Code, manufacture date, Best Before date, item name (bilingual capability)

Your own logos, decals (e.g. Kosher, Organic certified), UPC-A, company contact details, etc.

Alternatively, basic Lot Code stickers can be printed on Dymo printer using Lot Labels on smaller ticket stickers. These contain the minimum needed to display full retail specifications: “best before” date, the packing date, and the Pack’s Lot Code.

Finally, if you have a conveyor belt, or band sealer, simply use an inline printer to spray the packing Lot Code, packing date and “best before” date onto packaging as part of the production line.

Have confidence that you can instantly trace any product your customer receives

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