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Achieve  compliance 
Targeted product recalls

CadiTrack software tracks, labels, and reports

on the lifecycle of your products

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Take your quality control to the next level

with CadiTrack

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Compliance & Certification

Supports compliance with food safety regulations
e.g. HACCP, SQF, etc......

and value-add certifications

e.g. dietary & religious restrictions, organic etc.....

Saves Time

Now supervisors can monitor product flow, work orders, staff,equipment contact, and every Lot in your facility. 
Let CadiTrack automate workflows, speed data entry, and instantly provide access to track and trace data.

Web-based Service

Stand-alone, affordable,


A manageable solution for your track-and-trace needs;

no IT expertise required.

Works in conjunction with any accounting or inventory solution, or independently.

Targeted Recalls

Supports rapid, targeted product recalls instead of potentially devastating mass recalls.
Give retailers and distributors the comprehensive food safety and traceability they need.

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